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Message From Coach Daniel Faggella:

“I’ll never forget the day I took my first martial arts class. The values of focus, discipline, and the love of learning helped me to succeed in school and stand up against peer p

ressure, and these same values drove me to start our Black Diamond Kids Martial Arts program. After dedicating my Master’s degree studies at UPENN to the science of motivation, confidence, and goal setting – I knew I was on a mission to share these same values with Rhode Island’s youth.

It is my true belief that a confident child is unstoppable!


Daniel G. Faggella
Founder and Master Instructor
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu National Champion

Give Your Child the Hidden Secrets to Excellence with the 4 Principles of the Black Diamond Success Formula

What do we do at our Academy? We make character development a snap for parents, and fun for kids. We develop coordination and balance, self defense skills and confidence to stand up to peer pressure, and the focus skills kids need to gain success in any area of life.

It all starts with a 30 Day Free trial, and integrating, fun, real martial arts skills, and the 4 Principles of our Success Formula…


Confidence is not something a child is born with or without. It can be thought of as a muscle that can be strengthened through use. Through coach Dan’s studies of confidence at UPENN, we’ve devised methods to increase children’s confidence in three important ways:


Social Confidence

Some children are shy and not naturally outgoing (many of our students were this way, too!). One aspect of confidence that we develop in our children (from 5 years old to teens) is assertiveness, having the confidence to communicate clearly and speak their mind when it is appropriate, and when it matters.

These social confidence skills are also the essential skills kids need to stand up to peer pressure and resist bullies and teasers.

A polite and assertive child who believes in himself and can communicate… that’s a mighty rare combination today, but its an important mix of skills and confidence that will help carry a child to success in school, sports, and everywhere else!

Physical Confidence (and Self Defense)

Self Defense Skills are at the Core of our Children’s Curriculum.

The second level of confidence that we integrate into our Kids Martial Arts programs is physical confidence. Some children are less coordinated, others are not naturally strong or fast. In traditional sports, these kids might sit on the bench. In our martial arts classes, all children practice self-mastery and develop their skills together.

  • Self defense skills
  • Physical exercise and a stronger, healthier body
  • The confidence to accomplish goals
  • Group confidence in help one another succeed

Punches and kicks are just the beginning of our full Martial Arts Curriculum, especially built around the specific age group of the class. Through practice, repetition, and a genuine love of learning and progress, parents report that children carry themselves more upright, stand up to challenges, and feel better about themselves.

Self-Confidence and True Self-Esteem

Confidence isn’t just about what your child can do and perform, its about your child’s beliefs and perspective. Building a strong self-image allows children to open their minds to further possibilities, achievements, and the reaching of their potential like they have never done before. By encouraging their belief in themselves and their ability to take steps toward new learning, new martial arts skill levels, and new challenges, they develop the kind of internal confidence referred to as “self-esteem.”

“Our Young Students Enjoy Each Fun and Challenging Session”

Track your child’s progress through the #1 Kids Mixed Martial Arts Program in RI as they reach toward the ultimate goal of Black Belt.

Attention: Your child’s mental attitude and physical ability will jump leaps and bounds as they advance through our effective martial arts program.

Below is the progression of belts you’ll see in our kids martial arts program. Each day children work towards the achievement of a next level of martial improvement, mastering basics, helping team mates, and developing key skills and abilities as the climb through our belt levels.   Out belts are always earned, never given away, and the success of our programs is due to the real sense of progress children receive from each success level they reach to.

(White   –    Yellow   –   Gold    –   Grey   –    Green   –    Blue   –    Red    –    Brown   -    Black)

rhode island kids martial arts belt levels


Focus is a key to success that all too often goes unrecognized (even in schools). A child’s ability to hone in on one task, one lesson, or one goal… above all else will determine his or her chances at success (and ultimately, self-esteem).

Kid being bullied in school, rhode island bullying

Focus, Like Confidence, can be Learned. A Focused Mind and Body Gives a Child the Ability to Succeed!


We Excel at the Balance of Focus and Fun

Children do need to explore, to ask questions, to do what is new, exciting, interesting, fun. At the same time, if a child is unable to ever slow down, hone in, and focus on something important or meaningful, they are missing out on one of the greatest powers they will ever know. In our culture of microwaves, video games, and 300 channels of TV and commercials, “focus” is often lost on our youth. Our program is built around fun and exploration, with a balance of focus in these 3 key areas:

  • Focus on listening and paying attention (to teachers and others)
  • Focus on technique and performing techniques correctly
  • Focus on goals, what we’re here to accomplish

“How Long Will it Take for Your Child to Improve Their Focus?”

You’ll see immediate results in minutes through a child’s behavior in our academy and when involved with a team of other focused and positive children. In a matter of one month, you’ll notice this capacity to focus to only get better and better!

“How is Focus Taught?”

When we say that focus is taught, we mean it! Focus, like confidence, is like a muscle, and even children with ADD and ADHD can excel past their peers if given the opportunity to show their true focus ability. We stucture our classes around encouraging focus when its important, including fun activities such as memory games, “Simon says” with martial arts techniques, and group exercises to develop coordination too. By making “Focus” part of what helps kids succeed and stand out with excellence in our programs, “Focus” becomes something desirable, something children and build on and be proud of – and that’s our goal! Does your child fidget? Does your child have a hard time standing still, listening, or following directions? Let our program mold this important skill beyond what you thought possible.


A Fun Environment Makes Fitness a Blast!

Exercise and health are not just to give kids an outlet for energy, they’re a vital part of our programs – helping children get involved and stay involved in something active, fun, and healthy. In the fast food and video game world, kids can get stuck in health habits that will stay with them forever. Our programs build the healthy habits most American kids aren’t learning.

The Health Lessons Kids Aren’t Getting in School

Children – at even a very young are – are being taught arithmetic, writing, and memorizing famous dates in history. However, no elementary or middle school that I’ve ever heard of has a curriculum that includes healthy eating and exercise – and our goal is to make sure that these lessons are fun, and are learned early when it matters most!

Let Us Build Healthy Habits for Life with Your Child – to Last Lifetime!

The objective is not to have kids feel good about eating vegetables one time – and it goes beyond the great exercise kids will get in our programs (between playing games and learning skills – they use a lot of energy!). Our real objective is making health into an essential element of your child’s life, something that they value, something that they’re “dialed into.”


Children will not learn effectively in a boring environment – FUN is a MUST! Rest assured that your child will be enjoying each and every lesson while he or she meets and interacts with other positive children, learns amazing self defense skills, and earns new merit badges and ranks. With all the other elements involved, having fun, energetic, and positive coaches is the “Corner Stone” of our formula for success – and one of the main reasons your child will want to come back again and again.

What’s Involved in Our 30-Day Free Trial?

Not everyone is ready to join up as soon as they call our academy – most parents want to meet the instructors, view the classes, and let their child get a real martial arts experience before getting involved in a program. That’s why we include all this for Free:

  • –> A Free Martial Arts Uniform (your child keeps it even if you don’t choose to become a member!)
  • –> 2 Free Introductory Private Lessons
  • –> 30-Days 100% Free, Nothing to Sign Except a Waiver
  • –> A Free Audio CD on Kids Confidence (from head Coach Daniel Faggella)


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